WA State AHERA Asbestos Reporting Software

Asbestos Inspection Report Requirements State of Washington SWCAA.

Asbestos inspection reports shall contain, at a minimum, all of the following information:

(a) General Information.

(i) Date the inspection was performed;

(ii) AHERA accredited building inspector name and signature, certification number, date certification expires, and name and address of entity providing AHERA accredited building inspector certification;

(iii) Site address/location where the inspection was performed;

(iv) Description of the structure(s) / area(s) inspected (e.g., use, approximate age, and approximate outside dimensions);

(v) The purpose of the inspection (e.g., pre-demolition asbestos survey, renovation of 2nd floor, removal of acoustical ceiling texturing due to water damage), if known;

(vi) Detailed description of any limitations of the asbestos survey (e.g., inaccessible areas not inspected, survey limited to renovation area); (

vii) Identify and describe all homogeneous areas of suspect asbestos-containing materials, except where limitations of the asbestos survey identified prevented such identification and include whether each homogeneous material is surfacing material, thermal system insulation, or miscellaneous material;

(viii) Identify materials presumed to be asbestos-containing material; (ix) Exact location where each bulk asbestos sample was taken (e.g., schematic or other detailed description sufficient for any person to match the material(s) sampled and tested to the material(s) on-site);

(x) Complete copy of the laboratory report for bulk asbestos samples analyzed, which includes all of the following:

(A) Laboratory name, and address

(B) Bulk sample numbers;

(C) Bulk sample descriptions;

(D) Bulk sample results showing asbestos content; and

(E) Name of the person at the laboratory that performed the analysis.

(b) Information Regarding Asbestos-Containing Materials (including those presumed to contain asbestos).

(i) Describe the color of each asbestos-containing material;

(ii) Identify the location of each asbestos-containing material within a structure, on a structure, from a structure, or otherwise associated with the project (e.g. using schematics, detailed description, or both); SWCAA 476 3/22/2020 7

(iii) Provide the approximate quantity of each asbestos-containing material in square feet or linear feet and;

(iv) Describe the condition of each asbestos-containing material (good or damaged). If the asbestos-containing material is damaged, describe the general extent and type of damage (e.g., flaking, blistering, crumbling, water damage, or fire damage).