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Get the fastest, most accurate property condition reports (PCRs) for both interior and exterior inspections. Experience how the power of mobile technology, crowdsourcing, and a team of experts can transform PCR efficiency and quality.

We make it easy for Real estate lenders, servicers, mortgage, banks, and portfolio managers to request and manage interior and exterior property inspections and property condition reports (PCR) on demand.

The ispecX network allows our state-of-the-art mobile technology and crowdsourcing, ispecX delivers instant access to locally sourced, pre-screened appraisers and certified property inspectors, pricing information, PCR status, and more – accelerating PCR turnaround time and improving transparency.

ispecX is the go-to solution for real estate inspections and property condition reports – increasing process efficiency and accelerating the delivery of accurate, high-quality property valuations.

We have a Nationwide source for the best real estate inspections.

Our system allows Lenders & Managers to set inspection requirements to customize the data inspectors collect so there is no needed report clutter. Our system also allows vendors to set the minimum requirements inspectors must-have to perform their job orders. From insurance, license, and experience requirements you are in control!  

Best of all we do not take a % of the work orders! What the inspector charge is what you pay!

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