Camera Settings Features

In this article we will show you how to :

  • Add a photo logo watermark to your inspection photos
  • Add a Timestamp to your inspection photos
  • Set camera Image quality
  • Take Multiple Observation Photos
  • Take Gallery Images
  • Take Photo Editor Images

These features will help dress up your inspection report along with speed up your reporting process. 

Timestamp your Photos with Current Date

Turn Timestamp slider to on. This will apply a current Date timestamp to all of your images taken with all types of Camera buttons within the app. 

Adding a Logo Watermark Image

Logo On/Off slider will turn this feature on and off.

Logo upload image to upload a png file with your logo image. Recommended size is 120px x 90px

Logos will not be added to the Gallery Camera photos.  

Image Quality Size Settings

High - 1200 x1000

Med - 1000 x 800

Low - 800 x 600