Creating Better Tables in Your Inspection Reports

“Beautiful” probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind when you think about tables in a report. They’re great for displaying data, but they aren’t in the same class as images or other more exciting visual elements.

But don’t overlook them. Beautiful tables enhance the look of that key document you’ve worked hard to create.

Table layouts can clean up your overall presentation of your inspection reports tenfold. Creating them is easy! We recommend using the Table Creator website for the initial creation and then simply paste the code in.

The right report layout does more than make the output beautiful; it also makes the data and information contained within much easier to grasp. But for a data reporting expert such as yourself, the thought of trying to layout a good-looking document can be — let’s face it – distasteful. You’re no graphic designer, so the theory goes, so your reports are destined to be limited to a basic layout aesthetic.

Accurately Space and Align Elements with One Another

Remember earlier when we said you don’t have to be a graphic designer to create beautiful layouts?

That’s true, but alignment and space among elements is one area where many of us struggle when laying out reports. Graphic designers have extensive training and experience in learning what looks best on a page, and you won’t be an expert after simply reading this blog post.

Table Tips; you can fool just about anyone by employing a couple of techniques.

Tip #1: Use white space to increase comprehension.

Tip #2: Deliberately align elements to increase page balance.


Make the Report Skim-able

The bad news: Despite all your hard work, few people will actually read your document.

The good news: They will skim it instead.

Skimming lets readers jump to the parts that interest them AND it helps them get an understanding of the overall report before they decide which portions to go back and scrutinize.


Easy to Apply Themes