Online Home Inspection Scheduler

Home Inspection Website Scheduling Made Easy

Our FREE Online Inspection appointment scheduling is transforming the way customers interact with home inspectors. It provides an entirely new way to engage with those you serve and the ispecx scheduler now makes it just so easy.

Ispecx website scheduler will help locate the best date/time for your inspection and send you immediate notification of the website order as well as the client. Let the ispecx scheduler notify you if someone starts a website order via text for immediate follow up if desired, or set the system on autopilot that will approve all appointments.

The organization admin can set the dates and times for your inspector's availability. With the website scheduler, each inspector’s availability shows without displaying the inspector's entire schedule. Inspectors can be assigned to map zones for availability and assigned services that they can perform.

  • Clients and Brokers can easily order inspections online directly through any website with a simple HTML code 
  • Adjust your schedule availability quickly, block your schedule for the weekend, vacation, etc. 
  • Call centers love our scheduler! They can easily take your calls and schedule based on your live calendar settings without the need for any API integration! 
  • Ability to map out areas inspectors service area with Google Map outlines, a must for multi-inspector firms!! Yes it's Included FREE
  • Have clients, inspector and office receive automatic emails and/or SMS messages/text when an appointment is made
  • Easily place on one or more websites, YES you can even include it on your Facebook page!!


NEW FEATURES: All online scheduled appointments now show in your calendar colored Orange for easy identification for approval.

How cool is ispecx Home Inspection Scheduler Auto Pilot? Very Cool! AutoPilot now is now even more full-proof with our new Phone Verification code. Ensuring the validity of your users is extremely important in preventing scheduling issues. A great way to do that is to attach a verified phone number to end-user accounts. From there, that user’s identity can easily be confirmed with a pin number sent to the phone number used to confirm the inspection appointment. If they do not validate then the appointment is not autoconfirmed. 

We have added a cool Auto-Pilot Feature with SMS Verification !!!

What is Scheduling Priority?

Our scheduler has Priority settings so inspectors can be selected by a priority rating. Inspectors with a higher rating will get priority on the schedule, they get the job over the new guy.

Multi inspector firms love this feature and so do the Priority inspectors:)



Priority Vendors: We also added a special code feature to the online scheduler that allows your Home Insection firm to assign dedicated codes. These codes allow Call centers to add appointments without a text verification code. These appointments are auto-approved and identifiable by the associated code. You can have as many codes created as needed. You can even use them to assign to brokers so they can schedule with instant approval as well, and they feel important having such access:)



Inspectors Need a Day Off Too!

That's Easy! Our system allows inspectors to enter into the scheduler days off without having to reconfigure the whole system. Inspectors just pick the days they want off and the scheduler blocks appointments for them and then resumes the inspector's normal routine after.






How to Install:

To place the scheduler on any webpage simply paste code below and change '' with your actual website and that's it! Its all ready to schedule a home inspection!

<p><iframe style="display: block; height: 100vh;" src="" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p>