AHERA Asbestos Reporting Software

Finally, an AHERA Asbestos Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) management reporting software was created by AHERA Inspectors!

That's right, the Team at PNWIG Inspections Group has created a reporting system with IspecX Software that gives the Asbestos inspector the tools needed to collect samples and create an AHERA detailed report following the AHERA asbestos reporting requirements. Create your own Asbestos Forms or use our base template. The hard work has been done for you!

Reporting Asbestos Potential for a spill, affected areas, quantity, and adding conclusions to your report is made easy with our charting system. Conclusions are added from the library from a searchable drop-down list. Colorado and New Jersey Reporting requirements.

  • An asbestos building inspection and bulk sampling
  • Development of asbestos management plans
  • Air monitoring for asbestos fibers
  • Development of asbestos project designs
  • Project management

Some of the Asbestos Reporting features include:

  • Simple Lab Sample Import
  • True 360 Image Sample Plotting
  • Automated Sample Id placement 
  • Automated COC Forms
  • Sample Label Printing
  • Floor Plan PDF editor with Drag -n- Drop sample Ids markers
  • In Report Sample Charting for Both Positive and Less than 1% ACMs
  • Duplicate Sample Button
  • COC Template System
  • Conclusion Library
  • Room ACM Location Charting
  • Sample Description Charting
  • Create Asbestos Label Templates Inspection Forms
  • Public Share Link
  • Integrated Invoicing
  • Page Layout Code is Open Source
  • Prevent Duplicate Samples



Floor Plans are now no longer a struggle!

Just pick a room and then drag and drop the sample to the floor plan location!

The editor also allows easy placement of color transparent shapes to mark sample areas, group samples as well as add text.

Our Asbestos reporting templates can be fully customized to your company reporting specifications.

Full open-source template code allows every section of your report to be fully customized!

FINALLY, there are No longer restrictions within your Asbestos Forms.



Asbestos job photos have easy access with our integrated Google Drive Sync. Never lose a photo!


Importing your Lab Samples is easy with our Sample Import!

That's right a simple CSV file of your samples imports them all with one click!

Custom report charts with Positive, Less than 1%, and Non-Detect charting!! Our charts also can display with sample images or text only!


Print Asbestos Sample Labels onsite!

TIP FROM OUR USER: Of course, the IspecX system can send samples to a printer! but for small jobs, Pacific Northwest Inspections Group has designed a label and printed them on business cards for ease of use. Costing less than .02 cents a piece. Just use a sharpie and fill in the sample number, Great marketing tool as well!

Watch Our Asbestos Reporting Video and see it in action!!