IspecX Phone system API

Managing your customer call with ispecX

Integrated call logs with all the necessary follow-ups, including messages, voicemails, and even voicemail transcriptions, with available metrics, are requisites for a manager. This creates a conclusive and complete workflow, all in the ispecX platform.


Some of the Features are

  • Click to call

Make and receive calls without switching between platforms. Choose a contact and click the call button to start a call through MightyCall or Ring Central.

  • Improved call logs

Your dashboard allows you to view the entire history of customer interactions, including missed and received calls, voicemails, and call recordings.

  • Advanced Analytics

Integrated MightyCall / Ring Central call data now provides extra insights about clientele and team performance, allowing you to focus on weak points.

  • Top-notch communication management

Leverage the combined power of the two apps’ databases to personalize your conversations. Automatically match existing contacts, create new ones, and gain instant access to a contact’s card with highlighted details about previous interactions and notes left by you or your colleagues.

  • Enhanced team productivity

After the two services are integrated, users don’t have to switch between platforms, which lets them manage their entire customer lifecycle, including inbound marketing, sales, and customer service, all within a single platform. This streamlines communication workflows and saves time by allowing team members to focus on their core tasks without interruption.

  • Advanced reporting and analytics

The integration provides users with powerful analytics and reporting tools to gain insights into their communication performance, track call activities and outcomes, and make data-driven decisions for effective management.

  • Best customer service

The advantages of the phone integration lead to improved customer relationships and better customer service at every touchpoint. Whether it’s a new or returning customer or your sales or support team, the VoIP integration ensures the best customer experience possible.