Inspection Response Request Form

ispecX IRF System Editor

Our IRF(Inspection Response Form) editor lets agents quickly create and share a repair request document complete with photos, videos, and requests for repair, replacement, credit, or custom comment text. But wait!!! We are ispecX Home Inspection Software and are known for giving inspection firms the freedom of creation, Right?!

Take Control of the Home Buying Process with IRF

The valuable information we collect during our inspection will be sent to you just 24 hours later in a digital home inspection report. Reports generated using ispecX Software are meant to help you take control of the home buying process and the decisions that need to be made. In addition to the details, photos, and videos collected during our time at the property, each report also contains an interactive tool called the Inspection Request Form (IRF). The IRF helps you build a project list directly from the report, meaning that all of your requests can be easily shared with your realtor and seller. 

So there's more.

We have taken our system steps further by allowing you to create custom response editor layouts! Even your Brokers can use this editor to customize the layout!!! 

So what can this do for your Brokers and Clients?

  • Allows Agents to use/create custom Inspection Response Addendums
  • Allows Clients to use contractor bid request forms
  • Allows Clients to use Honey Do List forms
  • Unlimited Possibilities, it's up to you! So what are you going to create?


Accessing the Editor 

Log in and navigate to the left sidebar menu, under "inspections' click 'Repair Request Layouts'

From the Repair Request Layouts page, you can create as many layouts as you wish. These layouts are shared with ALL Brokers and Clients for use. Select a layout to edit or click the + plus sign to add new layouts.

The layout editor is easy to use and has a large area of Macros to insert a placeholder for the inspection report data to populate.


We recommend getting familiar with the supplied templates and helping aid in your template design process. Questions just email us!!


Using the Request Form

Login to your inspection report and click the Request builder Tab, Select a Template and add report Deficiencies.

Preview form as a PDF file and then publish using the Create button. Forms are saved in a project and can be emailed out straight from the 'Create' button.